EAM's light-weight, low-loss semi-rigid cable assemblies are ideal for commercial, industrial, and military applications from DC to 20 GHz. Available with commercial-grade coaxial cables or with high-performance MIL-C-17 grade semi-rigid cables, these rugged 50 ohm cable assemblies are manufactured using automated assembly techniques including induction soldering for the highest reliability and unit-to-unit repeatability. EAM's standard semi-rigid cable assemblies provide stable electrical performance over a wide temperature range from -55° to +125°C. Performance up to 200°C is also available in low loss tape wrapped PTFE dielectric models. Each style features a silver-plated copper center conductor.

EAM's semi-rigid cable assemblies are available in standard and custom lengths with outside diameters of 0.047, 0.086, 0.141, and 0.250 in. These semi-rigid cable assemblies feature shielding effectiveness of 100 dB or more for all cable diameters. Typical attenuation is 1.2 dB/ft. at 20 GHz for a cable with 0.086 in. outside diameter, and 0.7 dB/ft. for a cable with 0.141 in. outside diameter. The measured VSWR for a 0.141-in., SMA assembly remains low through 18 GHz (see plot). Typical power-handling capability is 20 W CW at 20 GHz for a 0.086 in. cable assembly and 70 W CW at 20 GHz for a 0.141 in. cable assembly.

EAM's semi-rigid cable assemblies can be terminated with a wide choice of connectors, including SMA, 7/16, BNC, MCX, Type N, TNC, MMCX, and SMP connectors.

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VSWR: 11 in. Semi-Rigid 0.141 SMA (m) to SMA (m)

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